Ide te freskta

Ide te freskta is the slogan of Maniacard .<br ?–>MANIACARD is a communication medium that designs, produces and distributes free cards for the audience, through display stands located in a wide range of locations in the most frequented places of the city including bars, restaurants, theatres, city malls, gyms etc. There are 250 locations distributed in four different Albanian cities, such as: Tirana, Durrës, Shkodër and Vlora.
Because MANIACARD free cards are the unique way to communicate your brand message among your target audience. Because our free cards are shared with friends, collected, sent by mail, placed in visible places at the work or at home, over the desks or else, used for memo or page keeping in a book or in other attractive ways — all while keeping consumers entertained and the advertising message close at hand.

We can mention options like : Video spot, radio spot, postcards, branding, branding comition, promotional games. But also we can mention website creation, web maintenance, social network maintenance, calendars, printed materials, tvc, business card, invitation, label. Also we have worked with  notepad, roll up, city light, bill board.

Production of Video & Radio Spots: production, shooting, post production, casting, detailed storyboard.

Includes: creative scripts, selection and voice recording for each campaign.
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